Super Blue Dream

The name here pretty much says it all, aside from the blue part. Surely this strain will leave you feeling far from blue, bringing with it an uplifted and happy experience. This strain is great for getting you up and moving. Putting you in a focused state, this is definitely a go and get sh*t done type of strain. Blue dream usually offers a very dreamy and creative high but because of the super silver haze’s touch. I suddenly had the urge to get up and dance then was able to work for a few hours straight on some new projects! Definitely a great strain when in need of a little mental boost. Another positive about Super Blue Dream is the absence of paranoia, cotton mouth, and/or dry eyes. A lot of times these are things that may turn people away from marijuana, but not with this strain! You will be left in a focused and uplifted mood for the remainder of the day!DSC00866.JPG

Megawellness by Nameless Genetics

I usually stray from reviewing brand specific strains because I want everyone to be able to read the review and actually go out and find the weed at their local dispensary no matter where they are. But this is the one time I would make an exception because holy shiz is this stuff amazing. Well coming from a brand such as Nameless Genetics, you know it will be good. But I had no clue it would be THIS good.


Classically labeled as an indica, though the effects come on more as a hybrid type of energy. You most definitely feel the relaxation of an indica but you aren’t completely put on your ass for the rest of the night. I honestly would go as far as to say it is almost the perfect balance between an indica and sativa high. I felt alert and my mind was running a little faster then normal. Quite a¬†strong head high, but very manageable and can be useful for getting those creative juices flowing and thinking out of the box. It also had the giggly effect, laughing at everything and anything. Taking me back to the days when I first started smoking bud, just giving me an overall great mood. Accompanied by a nice bodily relaxation spreading quickly taking away any aches and pains from the day. Though at first I would have put this strain in the category of *only smoke before bed*. But after a little experimentation in morning, I found this is perfect to pair a few hits and a cup of coffee, a fantastic combination to enjoy before going on with your day.

Green Goblin

DSC00281.jpgIn honor of halloween being right around the corner I thought this strain was quite fitting. Green goblin is quite close to Green crack, coming from Northern Lights and Skunk No. 1 as well as it has some diesel sprinkled in there. This strong sativa will leave you happy and in a dream like state. This strain comes on slowly, so be aware if you’re ‘not feeling it yet’ because smoke one more bowl and it will hit you like a train! Ladies this strain is great for that time of the month. Melting the pain (cramps!!!) away accompanied adding an energetic zing that will combat any period fatigue. With that being said it is great everyone who suffers from chronic pain, chronic fatigue or both. A great strain to start your day with!


Cadillac Kush

DSC00279.jpgFor those of you who are looking for a strain to relieve any paranoia that you usually get with smoking weed, then this strain is for you! Majority of the strains that are great with calming paranoia are CBD rich, which CBD does not offer the same psychoactive effects as a strain with high THC contents. This indica is a GREAT true body relaxation, sans the paranoia. Though to keep in mind this strain is known to be a ‘creeper’ which means those of you who are impatient when it comes to getting high, here is a chance to practice your patience because trust me, the effects will hit you soon enough! This strain results in a body-soothing and calming high, accompanied by an extremely restful nights sleep. ¬†Another nice touch is the sweet aroma and very smooth taste, you should have no problem inhaling this yummy indica.



Blueberry Kush

When looking back at all the strains I was reviewing I noticed I was being too partial towards sativa and forgot about the awesomeness of indica. Well I’m back and here to tell you about this intoxicating indica. Blueberry kush is a classic indica. The strain slowly creeps up bring with it extreme relaxation and pain relief. Not only did my entire body feel a wave of relaxation, my favorite part was the relaxation my mind got. Being someone who’s mind is very active, I savor strains like this, especially to get to bed. But it did not right away put me to sleep, which meant it was the perfect strain to pair with a movie (personally mine was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince).

Another thing that sticks out about this strain is the yummy smell. It literally smells exactly like blueberries, okay maybe not exactly, but very close. It definitely has a noticeable fruity aroma around it, making it even more delicious to smoke.

overall highly recommend!!

Great Great indica