Do si do


This strain, BOOM. That all I can say. It sure does hit hard and fast, take two hits and you will most definitely feel it. This is not your typical Indica-dominant hybrid, I feel strangely energized and focused. I took a few hits of this and busted out like an hours worth of work! Not the typical way I would spend an afternoon after a bowl of indica. But this do so do was quite amazing. Not to mention the beauty of the strain, purple tints to the lime green leaves and the orange hairs, absolutely stunning. There was a sense of relaxation brought upon during this smoke sesh, just enough to put my body at ease releasing any aches and pains that were standing in the way of an enjoyably productive day! A strain that comes on very fast, after 2 hits accompaning that burst of relaxation in my body, my mind wanted to work and I continued to work for a few hours. A pleasant yet unexpected beam of focus came from this smoke! I love when strains surprise you!

I would even go as far to say that this could be a very nice daytime strain, if you’re looking for a relaxed and happy day. Overall Highly recommend 🙂



Blackberry Soda



          This strain was one I bought on a whim, when visiting a weed lounge I (of course) forgot the most important component to a weed lounge. THE WEED. But this was a blessing in disguise because I came upon this gift of a strain. Being an indica dominant hybrid I was hesitant, but the bud tender assured me I would not be disappointed and holy shit he was right. I thoroughly enjoy trying new strains so I very rarely repeat buying strains (unless special circumstances) and this right here is a special circumstance. I will be heading back to the same dispensary to pick up some more blackberry soda very soon. This was the first strain in a very long time that brought on a serious case of the giggles. I was laughing so hard, I was crying! She came on slowly and left the same way, so no immediate slap in the face of high and no immediate drop off either. Also on the contrary to popular indica belief, this one encouraged my talkative side. The indica relaxation effect did come up and slowly fill my body/mind. But it was just the perfect amount of relaxation to not interfere with my giggly mood! Overall this is a great strain, especially if you are looking to hangout with some good friends or watch a very funny movie.

Lemon Meringue


IMG_9836.JPGLemon Meringue is a strain by Exotic Genetix, a cross between Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream. This erotic combination creates a pungent aroma filled with notes of citrus, diesel, and pine all complimenting one another in such an odd, yet beautiful way.

This is a sativa and a fast acting one at that, hitting you in a very short period of time. This is one of the more motivational strains Ive ever smoked. Though one of my favorite activities is getting high and doing yoga, this strain made me want to go for a run. I really just wanted to move, this strain got me up and going for the day and kept me going for quite some time- little to no fatigue at all during that day. This strain is also quite popular for its pain relieving properties, anything from chronic pain to nausea to anxiety Lemon Meringue will combat any type of pain, physical and mental. Lemon takes the weight carried on your shoulders each day and just lifts it away, leaving you free to just relax or go through your day without fatigue, pain, anxiety or depression and instead a euphoric cloud protects your body from any negativity.


Cherry Kush

This strain was homegrown from a friend and I always love trying out bud grown from people I know! From personal experience I created an ideal that cannabis grown by professionals is noticeably better than cannabis grown for fun. But with this strain that preconceived notion went flying out the window. Hands down some of the BEST bud I have ever enjoyed. The smell is not something super pungent but the after effects sure are. It starts small, smoke hit number 1 too 2 you feel good, hits number 3 to 4  you start to leave earth, hits 5 to six you’re full blown in another galaxy. The psychedellic-esque effects from this strain are something unlike I have ever experienced. Then what? You have a whole world of possibilities, maybe some eye opening conversation, get lost in good music, find yourself in the middle of a creative project, whatever it is- your mind will expand from a little bit of Cherry Kush. And usually most strains come with some kind of not so wanted side effects such as dry mouth, paranoia, couch lock, but with this cherry I could not say one negative thing about it. Great for daytime or nighttime, won’t put you to sleep but also won’t wire you. It truly is a great happy medium!

Blueberry Cruffin

Holy mother of lord. This strain, man, this strain got me high. First off, lets just start by looking at this bud, I tried to get a picture that did this beautiful strain justice but it was not all that easy. There were straight blue not purple, BLUE. Also in the jar were some brighter green ones with the tint of blue, but most of them were straight up blue. Something unlike I have ever seen before! Now lets get to the best part, the high. Well it for sure is a quick onset and this will DEFINITELY leave you locked on the couch for hours with muchies to the moon and back. Some reach for a glass of wine or beer after a long day, this would be my go-to end of the day relaxation support. Take a few hits, pop on a good movie and let your body relax into the overwhelming sensation that is Blueberry Cruffin.