About Me

I try to live as authentically and vibrantly as possible. So this is exactly what I am doing here.

I have always felt a strong draw toward natural healing. Which makes a lot of sense considering some of my top interests are holistic nutrition, yoga, and cannabis. The old me would have said they relatively have nothing to do with each other.  But after going through college, living in other countries, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition and Food Science, and frankly, just being a girl in her twenties I have learned that these three can work synergistically together to ensure a better overall wellbeing for you. And this is what I want to show/share with you.

Everything on here is authentic as possible. I would not recommend some remedy or product if I truly did not believe in it. With that being said, this is from my own personal experience and everyone is different so what works for me might not always work for you.

I really hope you all enjoy


Your Ganja Goddess







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