Do si do


This strain, BOOM. That all I can say. It sure does hit hard and fast, take two hits and you will most definitely feel it. This is not your typical Indica-dominant hybrid, I feel strangely energized and focused. I took a few hits of this and busted out like an hours worth of work! Not the typical way I would spend an afternoon after a bowl of indica. But this do so do was quite amazing. Not to mention the beauty of the strain, purple tints to the lime green leaves and the orange hairs, absolutely stunning. There was a sense of relaxation brought upon during this smoke sesh, just enough to put my body at ease releasing any aches and pains that were standing in the way of an enjoyably productive day! A strain that comes on very fast, after 2 hits accompaning that burst of relaxation in my body, my mind wanted to work and I continued to work for a few hours. A pleasant yet unexpected beam of focus came from this smoke! I love when strains surprise you!

I would even go as far to say that this could be a very nice daytime strain, if you’re looking for a relaxed and happy day. Overall Highly recommend 🙂



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