Lemon Zittlez

Okay first off let me just stop right here. THE TASTE. This literally tastes equivalent to a yellow sour skittle. I stopped and made each of my roommates try it to understand its magic and one after one their jaws dropped so surprised that weed could taste like that. Yeah well it did and it’s great so I would advise you go get some lemon zitttles just for the taste! Terpenes are gods work, they really are.

Okay well now for the real effects, since it is an indica you get the calming sensation almost immediately. Then comes the happiness, like a gentle wave rushing over your body. I also got a sense of focus (probably stemming from the lemon lineage), nothing too strong or overpowering, but just a subtle sense of relaxed focus. Just enough to pay attention to a documentary or a tv show with an in-depth plot. The relaxation will prompt you to sit and chill, but the happy focus will prompt you to want a little bit of entertainment. Perfect for a rainy day Game of Thrones marathon or a documentary and pizza kind of night. Be aware though, this strain will also bring out the inner muchie monster, so be prepared with plenty of snacks or else you will end up at a grocery at 10 pm- eyes wide and too high to even decide what you want to get.

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