Guarana Seeds

Paullinia cupana


What is Guarana?

A caffeine-rich fruit found in the central Amazon Basin. The fruit is actually quite beautiful, with a red outer layer and inside will be one or two dark brown seeds. Often times the inside of a guarana fruit is said to look like an eyeball and the seed is where all the beneficial properties are stored. Well known for its medicinal properties, the native tribes of the Amazon have been using Guarana for thousands of years. And is actually used frequently in many products all across the globe today. Check out the nutrition label of your next energy drink or energy supplement, most likely you will find Guarana. Seeing guarana contains almost double the amount of caffeine as coffee, guarana or any form of guarana, is a very popular ingredient in products that are made to give one energy.

History of Guarana

This berry originates from the Amazon Basin and has played an important tole in the Amazonian culture for thousands of years. The Mauses-sateres, a tribe in the Amazon, were the first ones to discover the magical medicinal properties of this berry. Though it gets it name from the Guarani tribe. It soon adopted the name “elixir of long life” and would traditionally be used in unison with other native plants such as mate. Often times the plant will be dried out, to make the removal of the seeds easier as the seeds are the ones that hold all the power. The tribes used this berry for energy and as an astringent. This plant was also popular during times of fasting, as it would keep the nutritional levels of the body intact and also providing energy one needs when not consuming any food.

Benefits of Guarana

  • Improved Digestion: Guarana has played a role in the treatment of digestive disorder since ancient Amazonian times. Those suffering from bowel problems such as diarrhea were encouraged to drink tonics with guarana as it is loaded with a lot of fiber. Fiber is essential to maintain overall healthy gut and to regulate bowel movements. Having healthy gut plays an extremely large role in the health and wellness of the rest of the body.
  • Antioxidant: Guarana is known to contain a great deal of antioxidants in one serving, more than found in green tea. But most importantly guarana contains catechin, which reduces oxidative stress and is an anti-inflammatory aiding in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other chronic illness.
  • Increased Energy: Seeing as guarana is a stimulant, after ingesting your energy levels will rise significantly. Containing almost double the amount of caffeine as coffee, it will sure give you that kick in the pants to get your day started and keep you going. Coffee drinkers often suffer from that 3 pm crash, guarana keeps a sustained level of energy in the body so there is no crash.  Also known to help improve mental focus. Guarana also contains protein, fats and fiber with provide the body with some nutrition as opposed to the empty calories coffee has to offer.
  • Healthy Skin: Seeing as there is protein and antioxidant properties to guarana, it seems to be an ideal mixture for healthy skin. When applied topically, so added to face masks or cleansers, it will help improve skin tone, treat acne and reduce scarring. The antioxidant properties are working to reverse the oxidative stress your skin has suffered so many years, leaving you with healthy vibrant skin.


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