Blue Lotus

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2e72.JPGNymphae Caerulea

Blue lotus, also known as Nymphae Caerulea, has been used for centuries for variety of purposes and plays a significant role in different traditions all over the world. Being strongly connected with ancient Egyptian and Asian culture, blue lotus was associated with the human soul, spirituality and divinity. Being an important element in Buddhist culture, blue lotus symbolizes enlightenment, re-birth and unification. Ancient Chinese traditions refer to blue lotus as the ‘Rising Soul’. Many of these associations of blue lotus stem from the way it grows, which is something quite magical in itself. Growing out of muddy waters, looking like the ugly ducking until its roots are firmly planted in the ground, then blooming into something vibrant and beautiful.

How to use:

Blue lotus can be consumed through a variety of methods. Brewed into a tea is the most common consumption method, boil the entire plant in water for 20-30 min and drink alone or add other teas, herbs, drinks to the mixture. It can also be consumed through smoking, personally I mix my blue lotus with a little cannabis when feeling stressed or needing some deep introspection time.


There are many medicinal benefits that come from Blue Lotus. Blue lotus is a common and natural anti-anxiety remedy, sleep remedy, and stress reliever. Working with the nervous system to send a feeling of relaxation through out the entire body. Also containing nuciferan (a natural anti spasmodic) and aporphine (introducing a sense of euphoria). Mild euphoria mixed with the tranquility (and a little cannabis) makes for quite an altered sense of awareness. Making for a great set up to enter a deep introspective meditation. Or if you decide to not spend the day meditating, going outside blue lotus helps you enter that elevated moon and dream like state, but in the conscious mind and very much in control. The mood lifting properties are known in aiding and alleviating mental disorders, especially depressing. Blue lotus is also used as treatment for any gastrointestinal problems, it has been found that cramping, diarrhea, and nausea have been helped when consuming blue lotus.















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