Cherry Kush

This strain was homegrown from a friend and I always love trying out bud grown from people I know! From personal experience I created an ideal that cannabis grown by professionals is noticeably better than cannabis grown for fun. But with this strain that preconceived notion went flying out the window. Hands down some of the BEST bud I have ever enjoyed. The smell is not something super pungent but the after effects sure are. It starts small, smoke hit number 1 too 2 you feel good, hits number 3 to 4  you start to leave earth, hits 5 to six you’re full blown in another galaxy. The psychedellic-esque effects from this strain are something unlike I have ever experienced. Then what? You have a whole world of possibilities, maybe some eye opening conversation, get lost in good music, find yourself in the middle of a creative project, whatever it is- your mind will expand from a little bit of Cherry Kush. And usually most strains come with some kind of not so wanted side effects such as dry mouth, paranoia, couch lock, but with this cherry I could not say one negative thing about it. Great for daytime or nighttime, won’t put you to sleep but also won’t wire you. It truly is a great happy medium!

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