Blueberry Cruffin

Holy mother of lord. This strain, man, this strain got me high. First off, lets just start by looking at this bud, I tried to get a picture that did this beautiful strain justice but it was not all that easy. There were straight blue not purple, BLUE. Also in the jar were some brighter green ones with the tint of blue, but most of them were straight up blue. Something unlike I have ever seen before! Now lets get to the best part, the high. Well it for sure is a quick onset and this will DEFINITELY leave you locked on the couch for hours with muchies to the moon and back. Some reach for a glass of wine or beer after a long day, this would be my go-to end of the day relaxation support. Take a few hits, pop on a good movie and let your body relax into the overwhelming sensation that is Blueberry Cruffin.


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