Black Jack

This particular strain was gifted to a beautiful stranger met at a ganja yoga class. *A quick backstory: I had recently been smoking this strain and just so happened to run out the morning of class. After class some fellow yogis and I were smoking, he shared his bud and it was delicious. When asked he told us he grew it. I had shared the synchronicity that, that morning I ran out of black Jack. He looked at me and handed me about an eighth of his weed. And that was it* So I was very excited to smoke this new gift and it was actually better then the black jack I had gotten from the club. Yes it is a sativa dominant so of course I love it. I love this strain because it makes me want to move. My mental state is rather calm, yet alert. But my body just wants to open, AKA the perfect strain before a yoga class. I was so easily able to turn down my mind and turn up my body with this strain. It gave me the alertness to be attentive to what my body wanted/needed. I have smoked this before a rather vigorous hot vinyasa class and, all the way to the opposite end, a very slow yin class. Either way you go, your mind and body will thank you. So if you’re too much in your mind and not enough in your body, give this strain a try. It truly is magnificent.

Insider tip: Prior to a vinyasa class, take a few hits of Black Jack and a few sips of some yerba mate and you will be transported to Venus and back during the class. LRG_DSC01171.JPG

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