Baked Apple

Alright my friends, let me tell you about this strain. First off, the name, I love it. (What a life if you were the person who’s job it was to smoke a strain and then name it. WHAT A LIFE.) Second, this potent indica permeated my entire body within 5 minutes. It was an amazingly strong yet chill high. And holy moly this weed was just beautiful to look at. Only needing a few hits to start to feel its effects, you have plenty left over to just bask in the beauty of the purple ribbons sewn throughout the bud, along with the sticky crystals decorating the whole nug. I am not one to gawk over the look of weed, maybe the smell or the high but not so much the visual aspect. This one, though, so gawk-worthy. Anyways, such a deeply potent indica, so as the name insinuates, this is very much a night time strain. Maybe early evening, because why not enjoy a delicious meal with the help of some baked apple. But definitely not a strain where you’re going to want to get up and go, you will feel more of a vibrational body high. A high where you will want to lay, watch movies, or stare at the stars.

My good friend’s opinion on this strain: “the baked apple is a wonderfully sweet desert mixed with a high level of Stoney crystals. Deeelicious!”



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