Green Crack

        Alright, well it is no secret if you have read some other strain reviews on here, I love my sativas. Green crack has got to be one of my favorite sativas for that real coffee-like jolt. My body isn’t the biggest fan of caffeine, so this is a very handy strain for me, especially on those early mornings. You will feel this just after one or two puffs. The cerebral invigoration will leave your imagination running wild, but in the most beautiful way. It  is also great for the days when you’re feeling a little on the lower side, the uplifting effects will bring your mood and energy up. Also great for those in need of a little motivation, you know the days when you just don’t want to get out of bed. One or two hits of this will have your ass in the kitchen whipping up some chocolate chip pancakes and then out the door to enjoy the day! Anyways this is just one of my go to strains for when I need a little pick me up. I always try to keep a little on hand, for when needed.



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