Grape Ape

Grape Ape, a cross between Medocino Purps, Afghani, and Skunk, you will forsure get the classic indica high. This strain is a creeper, so take your time, enjoy the high and wait a little bit after the first hit (or bowl) to truly feel the magnificence of the strain. Once it starts to kick in, your will feel a rush of relaxation and begin to chill tf out. One thing I noticed about this was my mind didn’t get the usual fog that comes with an indica high. My mind was at an ‘in the clouds’ kind of clear, I was able to form some really great (really high) thoughts and found myself writing some magnificent things. Which came as a surprise to me because with most indicas I feel my mind begin to slip away. Great for someone who struggles with anxiety, calming the mind yet still keeping it clear enough to function throughout the day. After smoking a bowl or two, my body came into a complete relaxation mode -> leading to some AMAZING sleep. Perfect indica if you want to relax the mind and body, but not be completely disconnected from reality. Not to mention the AMAZING grape aroma flooding your senses from the second you open the package. DSC00895.JPG

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