Super Blue Dream

The name here pretty much says it all, aside from the blue part. Surely this strain will leave you feeling far from blue, bringing with it an uplifted and happy experience. This strain is great for getting you up and moving. Putting you in a focused state, this is definitely a go and get sh*t done type of strain. Blue dream usually offers a very dreamy and creative high but because of the super silver haze’s touch. I suddenly had the urge to get up and dance then was able to work for a few hours straight on some new projects! Definitely a great strain when in need of a little mental boost. Another positive about Super Blue Dream is the absence of paranoia, cotton mouth, and/or dry eyes. A lot of times these are things that may turn people away from marijuana, but not with this strain! You will be left in a focused and uplifted mood for the remainder of the day!DSC00866.JPG

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