Megawellness by Nameless Genetics

I usually stray from reviewing brand specific strains because I want everyone to be able to read the review and actually go out and find the weed at their local dispensary no matter where they are. But this is the one time I would make an exception because holy shiz is this stuff amazing. Well coming from a brand such as Nameless Genetics, you know it will be good. But I had no clue it would be THIS good.


Classically labeled as an indica, though the effects come on more as a hybrid type of energy. You most definitely feel the relaxation of an indica but you aren’t completely put on your ass for the rest of the night. I honestly would go as far as to say it is almost the perfect balance between an indica and sativa high. I felt alert and my mind was running a little faster then normal. Quite a strong head high, but very manageable and can be useful for getting those creative juices flowing and thinking out of the box. It also had the giggly effect, laughing at everything and anything. Taking me back to the days when I first started smoking bud, just giving me an overall great mood. Accompanied by a nice bodily relaxation spreading quickly taking away any aches and pains from the day. Though at first I would have put this strain in the category of *only smoke before bed*. But after a little experimentation in morning, I found this is perfect to pair a few hits and a cup of coffee, a fantastic combination to enjoy before going on with your day.

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