Cadillac Kush

DSC00279.jpgFor those of you who are looking for a strain to relieve any paranoia that you usually get with smoking weed, then this strain is for you! Majority of the strains that are great with calming paranoia are CBD rich, which CBD does not offer the same psychoactive effects as a strain with high THC contents. This indica is a GREAT true body relaxation, sans the paranoia. Though to keep in mind this strain is known to be a ‘creeper’ which means those of you who are impatient when it comes to getting high, here is a chance to practice your patience because trust me, the effects will hit you soon enough! This strain results in a body-soothing and calming high, accompanied by an extremely restful nights sleep. ¬†Another nice touch is the sweet aroma and very smooth taste, you should have no problem inhaling this yummy indica.



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