Why Dry Brushing Should be Added to Your Daily Routine

A Brief History

Beauty rituals have been used for centuries by men and women of ancient civilizations to keep their appearance in tip top shape. One very common ritual is that of dry brushing. Being used throughout many ancient civilizations such as Egypt, India (very prominent in Ayurveda), Greece and Rome as well as its use in traditional Chinese and Japanese rituals bathing rituals. Dry Brushing is another one of those ‘new fads’ that have actually been around and being used for centuries.


What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is actually very simple, easy and exactly what it sounds like. You brush the skin in a particular pattern to obtain a number of amazing benefits.

How/When to:

  1. Starting at the feet and brushing upwards, brushing towards the heart as you make your way up the body.
  2. Using long and light, yet brisk strokes along the skin.
  3. On the stomach brush in a clockwise circular motion
  4. When you reach your upper body, start at the hands and brush inward toward the heart. Women avoid the breast area.
  5. When you reach the neck, start at the back and bring the strokes to the front.
  6. Avoiding the face as the brush can be a little too rough for the skin on your face.

Keeping in mind to dry brush before a shower to exfoliate and increase the blood circulation while keeping the moisture, the hot water from the shower can often dehydrate the skin. Also dry brushing exfoliates the skin, so brushing prior to showering allows you to wash off all the dead and dry skin.


Our skin is our largest organ, which means it is soooooo important to take care of it. We try to eat a healthy diet and participate in activities that keep our other organs happy, why not do the same for the skin. Dry brushing is used to stimulate the skin and exfoliate. Which clears the pores of the skin, allowing them to perspire freely. When we perspire we rid the body of toxins and waste, it is a very effective way to detox the body. But without the ability to perspire freely, our pores will get clogged and then the waste/toxins build up causing issues with the skin and then the body and other organs that also participate in elimination have to work twice as hard or the waste just stays in the body, causing a whole other bunch of issues. Brushing also helps stimulate the oil glands which are located in the second layer of skin. The oil is brought to the surface and helps keep the skin moisturized and increases the elasticity. Brushing is also known to help improve blood circulation, aids in balancing fat distribution, and increases nerve function through out the whole organ.

“Hello Dry Brush, Goodbye Cellulite”


External Benefits

· Exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells
· Works to tighten skin (which yes reduces appearance of cellulite)
· Helps to more evenly distribute fat deposits
· Allows for better absorption of products you use on skin
· Stimulates oil glands, smoothing and softening skin

Internal Benefits

· Stimulates elimination of cellular waste
· Helps with lymphatic drainage
· Improves circulation
· Increases metabolism
· Stimulates nerve endings which Rejuvenates the nervous system
· Aids in the body’s natural detoxification process


Who is Dry Brushing for?

Dry Brushing can be used by anyone who wants to improve overall wellness. But it is especially great for those with cellulite and water retention. So this is a great practice for those who easily retain water, after a flight, or a long day of standing. Personally I use dry brushing to exfoliate my skin and to give it a natural glow. This is a practice you have to do consistently to get the full range go benefits, but if you only have time to add this in a few days a week you will still gain what it has to offer. I have been dry brushing almost everyday for a few months and have noticed a drastic difference in my skin’s moisture levels. Since dry brushing I have had to use less external products (oils and lotions) to moisturize my skin because it seems to have a increased natural moisture about it. So long story, dry brushing can benefit everyone, whether you are an avid brusher or you get around to it every once in a while.

Things to Aware of

You should avoid brushing any area with skin wounds, cuts or rashes. As well as completely avoiding the facial area, if you are looking for something to exfoliate the face I would suggest something a lot easier on the skin because a dry brush can be very tough. As well as if you are battling any kind of other condition, it is important to talk to your health care provider before adding something new into your routine.


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