Blueberry Kush

When looking back at all the strains I was reviewing I noticed I was being too partial towards sativa and forgot about the awesomeness of indica. Well I’m back and here to tell you about this intoxicating indica. Blueberry kush is a classic indica. The strain slowly creeps up bring with it extreme relaxation and pain relief. Not only did my entire body feel a wave of relaxation, my favorite part was the relaxation my mind got. Being someone who’s mind is very active, I savor strains like this, especially to get to bed. But it did not right away put me to sleep, which meant it was the perfect strain to pair with a movie (personally mine was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince).

Another thing that sticks out about this strain is the yummy smell. It literally smells exactly like blueberries, okay maybe not exactly, but very close. It definitely has a noticeable fruity aroma around it, making it even more delicious to smoke.

overall highly recommend!!

Great Great indica

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