5 Cannabis Strains to Avoid the Munchies

We all have been, at some point in our stoner career, BOMBARDED by our good friend the munchies. All of the sudden this wave of hunger for literally everything washes over you and your unstoppable. Before you know it you have ice cream, a banana, sunflower seeds, a few tamales, and an array of cereal spread in front of you and you wonder how the f**k did I get here. I know how you got there. My dear friend you were hit by the munchies. That’s okay, happens to the best of us. Well here for you are some great strains that WILL NOT hit you with that munchie monster. You get all the high, none of the monster.

Jack the Ripper

This strain will forsure go straight to your head, being a sativa, you will want to get up and move. This strain is known for producing immense amounts of productivity and creativity. The munchies aren’t even on the spectrum of high you will get with this strain. You will be too busy making your to do list for the day.

Durban Poison

This strain, another sativa, delivers that mental buzz very fast. Of course enjoyed by creative professionals and those who suffer from depression. Always a great strain to start your day with, giving you that energetic boost and mental happiness to make any day a great day! Your mind won’t even cross the path of munchie, if anything you will forget to eat as you’re too tied up in some project.


Harelquin is a high CBD strain and with high CBD strains the psychoactive effects are  not apparent, instead you just get the relaxation. As well as, if you take the psychoactive effects out of the equation, the munchies go with it. Making this a great strain if you are looking to relax, but wanting to avoid the ‘high’ people talk about.


This is an indica dominant strain, which most indicas are accompanied by a bad case of the munchies. But with this strain, the munchies are far from what comes along. You might be hit with a huge wall of relaxation and sleepiness, but no hunger. The name describes it pretty well, if you are suffering from any pain, anxiety, seizures, and inflammation. It truly is a remedy that will lead you to a nice night and an even nicer nights sleep.

Skunk No. 1

This hybrid, a mix between thai sativa and afghani indica, will bring you the uplifted cerebral high while keeping you relaxed and grounded. This strain works amazingly at relieving any kind of pain or nausea one may be experiencing. As well as helping with any kind of anxiety and sleep issues. The sativa side of this brings in a focused and uplifted high, which will ensure the munchies are the last thing on your mind! While the indica high ensures your pain and nausea are gone, but the relaxation stays. This hybrid really does have the best of both worlds.

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