Turnera diffusa

Damiana, also known as, Turnera diffusa is a small plant that grows in Baja California. Yet is native to South Texas throughout Mexico down to Central America and in parts of the Caribbean. It flowers these bright yellow flowers and a fig-like fruit, which is edible. The indigenous people of Mexico referred to Damiana as a potent and popular aphrodisiac, which is basically what Damiana is known for today. The Mayans and other Central American natives also used this herb as an aphrodisiac and an herbal medicine staple. For example, there is evidence that Damiana was used by the Guaycura native peoples in religious services in the Baja, Mexico region.

Damiana is taken in many forms, those most popular being, smoking or in some sort of tea. Damiana is often mixed with other herbs to enhance the effects. The main part of the plant used for herbal remedies are the leaves, as they contain the pharmacologically active elements of this plant. These elements include flavonoids, tannins, phenolic compounds, caffeine, fatty acids, thymol, and beta-carotene, and others. 


Damiana is a nervine, sedative (if very little consumed), stimulant (larger dose is consumed), digestive stimulant, and an aphrodisiac. The leaves are used to calm the anxious mind and stressed out nervous system. Damiana stimulates blood circulation and the digestive system, as a bitter. It has also been used to during times of menstrual flow to help ease the cramping. Ulcers are also a chronic disease that damiana can help aid in the healing of. As a diuretic and antiseptic, damiana has been used for cystitis and Urinary Tract infections. Damiana acts as both an antibiotic and antimycotic (fights funguses), and has been found to be effective against: Bacilus subtilis, Enterobacter aerogenes, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aerugin, Salmonella typhi, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and many others.


Damiana being an aphrodisiac is what it is most popularly known for. It aids in improving the sensitivity of the sex organs, used as help with impotency and improves the arousal and sexual abilities of those who are unable and aged. Damiana excites and stimulates the sexual organs because of its aphrodisiac properties. The powerful herb stimulates the genital organs by increasing the flow of oxygen to the genitals. It also leads increased energy level which helps to restore libido and sexual desire. Damiana is an energy tonic that helps women to gain more sexual satisfaction. It has also been seen that damiana does not have any affect on the hormone estrogen. This means that there’s no risk attached to it, that it might cause oestrogen-dominance and oestrogen-related cancers like breast cancer. This makes it an optimal alternative to the hormones often used for birth control.

Spiritual Uses

It can be highly useful in deep spiritual ceremonies and in such activities as Astral travel, meditation and lucid dreaming.  Many burn the herb to help open their chakras and increase their abilities in their search for a heightened consciousness. Damiana can be used in tantric rituals. It is often put in charms and potions for love and lust. It can also be useful for meditation and help switch off the inner voice that sometimes just won’t quiet down.


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