Best Strains for Hiking

A little weed and nature makes for quite a lovely pairing. The cannabis can be used to enhance your sensory perception of the world around you, allowing you to open you eyes to the beauty we are surrounded with. Yet also freeing you of any typical aches and pains that might normally get you down and/or discourage you from getting up and enjoying some nature! Whether you want to just be pain free on a walk with your dog or get down, dirty and connection with mother nature there is a strain for you!

Durban Poison:

This powerful sativa is something out of a movie. If you are looking for something to really kick start that extremely long and treacherous hike you have planned for the day. This energizing strain will ensure that you have that energy to last all day long on the trail. Also (from personal preference) I use this as a coffee alternative, coffee doesn’t necessarily agree with my stomach so I have found Durban Poison to get the job done just as well (sans the acid reflux).

Willie Nelson

This strain is one you will want to take a few puffs right before you hit the trail! You will immediately feel relaxation yet energetic and uplifted. It gives the body a nice calm feeling without the fogginess in the mind. Your focus will go inward, feeling any pain melt away and allowing you to fully enjoy and connect with the nature surrounding you.


Known for its invigorating effects, Chem Dawg is ideal for anyone who wants to reach new limits. Chem Dawg delivers almost an instant feeling of mental restoration as well as a heavier body-high response. You will most likely find yourself walking along the trail with an extremely large smile, enticed by the vivid imagery of nature all around you. Take a quick stop and soak up some sun or chill on a rock to be still and fully enjoy the effects of this strain.

Black Dahlia

This strain has a high CBD concentration so it is known to banish any bad mood, anxiety, or aches/pains! It is just impossible to have feel any negativity after enhancing with this beauty. So go out and enjoy a glorious day in the sun free of pain, but filled with euphoria!

Blue Dream

This strain, West Coast born, is known for its calm, euphoric effect it leaves you with. There is a sensation of full body relaxation, yet a mental kickstart into a happy and motivated state. Not to forget the creative buzz it induces, allowing you eyes to open to the beautiful landscapes this Earth has to offer. It will turn just a simple walk with our dog into some kind of adventure. Blue dream is also known for its pain relieving affects, perfect to relax those sore muscles after the hike.

Cinderella 99

This is an extremely energizing strain, enjoyed very often by people with more active lifestyles. Great for those who enjoy connecting to the magical secrets of nature. Not to mention this strain lasts a very long time ensuring you will be smiling the whole day! You will be happy either way; chatting along with some friends or the deep introspection and connection with nature on a solo journey!

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