Best Strains for Sex

Weed and sex is a very interesting combination. It is all about finding that delicate balance by between that amount that just enough to elevate your senses but not too much that you are left in that lazy couch lock mode. Which no one wants when they have a nice of sensual activities on their agenda. So without further or do, here are some of the best strains out there for a fantastic sexual experience!

Sour Dream:

A sativa dominant hybrid that will first relax and lessen your stress. Then a light cerebral buzz begins with an energetic/lustful high and can result in a long night of fun


Quite a euphoric sativa that, once the fun starts, you will have that extra stimulation to enjoy yourselves for quite a while. Any stress and anxiety slowly just melts away.

Shining Silver Haze:

Comes on rather quickly so be prepared to get right to it. It is also awesome at making any insecurities fade away, while allowing your confidence and sensuality shine through.

Dream Queen:

This sativa dominant hybrid elicits that energetic buzz, but this is not what makes this strain so special. The name says it all. Arousing your mind to wander to the far depths of your imagination. Maybe inspiring imagination in the bedroom as well..

Ultimate Trainwreck:

Your energy and euphoria will come on very quickly as well as increasing your focus. You will forsake be ready for whatever is coming your way with this strain. Not to mention the just overall increase of happiness that this strain also offers.

Granddaddy Purple:

Since this is such an indica heavy strain a little too much might leave you glued to the couch. But at the right dose it is amazing at helping the mind and body connect which leads to relaxation and heightened sensation when it comes to touch. Perfect for those looking to relax their minds and let their bodies take over for the night.

Mr. Nice:

This is a personal favorite for sex. Though it is an indica, so careful not to go overboard too much with this. But if you enhance with just the right amount it can lead to a great amount of pleasure. Mr. Nice is great at relaxing your body but still keeps the mental alertness there making for a very sensual experience.

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