Best Strains to Study With

Yes, you did read that correctly, STUDY! I know this might blow your mind because the stereotype of cannabis is that it leaves you in a lazy couch locked state. But on the contrary there are some strains that will give you a gentle kick you in the but and induce productivity.  Often times today, those in school reach for the drugs such as adderall, ritalin, or whatever hoping to bring about extreme productivity for that long to do list. Well what if you could get some similar productive and focused affects, without any of the negative side affects of these pharmaceuticals. This is something I have experimented with and was able to replace these drugs originally prescribed for ADHD with something a little more natural, aka cannabis.

Most of the strains used for studying are of the Sativa family. The sativa properties of these strains is what is going to leave you with elevated creativity, productivity, mood, and an elevated focus. This is what will allow you to medicinally enhance during the day, get everything you need to done, and not be left in a major couch lock.

So without further or do, I present the strains!

Green Crack:

This strain is literally exactly what it sounds like. This strain will manifest very quickly and hit you hard, so be a little careful with this one if you are sensitive to cannabis or if you are a beginning user. Though for those who are seasoned smokers and are really looking for a kick in the pants to get shit done that day- this strain is the perfect one for you.

Durban Poison:

This strain is a personal favorite. (I enhanced with it while writing this article to be honest). One thing I love about this strain is the creativity it produces, being already a pretty creative person this strain just seems to make it flow a little more easily. Especially on days when I am feeling a little stuck and like there is not that full flow that I am capable of. Durban Poison also great at increasing the focus, creative beings usually are all over the place (at least I am) and this strain helps reign that in to a productive way.


This is an extremely uplifting happy high! Great for when you have to get some stuff done that you maybe aren’t too excited to be doing. It also acts as a little burst of energy, to give you the little kick to start to get working on that term paper or long overdue project.

Jack Herer:

If you are a writer or work any little bit with creativity then this strain is for you. You get the sativa burst of energy from this strain most definitely. But I have noticed, after the first hit the creativity just starts flowing! Not to mention this is very clear headed, so you are able to put those creative thoughts to action.

Mothers Helper:

This is a hybrid between Chocolope and Northern Lights #5, which are both known themselves to work as mood boosters. So mothers helper is known to have acquired that quality as well. Along with the euphoric creativity it leaves you with, you will be uplifted and focused while working.


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