Music and Cannabis

*I have some exciting other articles coming about strains specifically for the festival and concert atmosphere, so this post will mostly consist of strains that enhance your sensory perception of the music itself*1

The main connection between marijuana and music is that marijuana works on the part of the brain where auditory stimulation is processed. This gives some reason as to why we are more sensitive when listening to music under the influence of cannabis. The user often times finds it easier to recall lyrics, differentiate sounds/other subtleties in the music with a little expansive help of cannabis. One big reason why we are better able to remember lyrics to music is because of the fact that a large amount of cannabinoid receptors are located in the hippocampus, which is known for its role in formation of memories.

Personally the ability to really dive deep into the music, decipher the lyrics and listen to the subtle sounds of the music is one of my favorite parts of the famous weed-music combination. As well as, cannabis is known to aid in entering a more relaxed state, which allows you to really notice the other senses. It really allows you to relax and tune into what your body is noticing or feeling at that moment. Which also aids in your overall musical experience.

Music and weed can be quite the amazing combination. There are far too many genres of music to count and the same just so happens to go for strains of weed available at our fingertips today. Whether you are into pop or hardcore house music there is something to accommodate every music mood you could have.


Hip Hop: Chronic

For this one I choose something that elevates the mood, but most hip hop artists are known for their love of the indica dominant strains. So this is why Chronic is perfect way to go. Being a hybrid you will get that uplifted, giggly and smiling ear to ear high. But you also will get a mellow rush over you so that you can really chill and just enjoy the music.

House/EDM: Trainwreck

To keep yourself up and lively for the loud bass and late night house concerts you are going to want something that slightly mimics the psychedelic affects you would get from other party drugs, but also something so much safer then those alternatives. This is where the strain Trainwreck comes into play. This is a strong sativa, so you will be uplifted, wanting to dance, excited, and just loving the energy around you. This is a personal favorite strain for festival use. Personally the other drugs can be a lot for my system so I always stick with this strain and I feel as if I am on the same level as those on psychedelics, yet so much more in control of my body. This strain allows tension in the body to melt away, making room for the euphoria to come in.

Rock: LSD

This was an interesting choice, but I felt it was a nice fit. LSD brings along with the release of tension and anxiety, leaving you in a giggly, happy go lucky kind of mood. Also from personal experience, out of all the strains mentioned in this article, LSD has the most affects on the way you listen to music. I found myself noticing parts and sounds of songs I had not ever heard before. It was so nice to have my mind opened like that to even a familiar song.

Indie: Harlequin

When listening to alternative music, the atmosphere is usually a little more chill then that of a rock concert so I choose a personal favorite CBD strain. Harlequin is a sativa dominant so you will get a little bit of that focused affect while accompanied by the relaxation and release of tension throughout the entire body. You are energized but the CBD subtracts the paranoia that can sometimes be accompanied by a Sativa. Perfect for a sunday morning chill sesh.

RnB: Tangie

At first I had trouble with this one but then the answer screamed out at me. I had made a playlist with all my favorite RnB songs a few months ago and had named it after the strain I was smoking while creating it. Tangie. What a wonderful strain, I felt instantly creative and uplifted yet my head was very clear. It put me in a zen like head space and then the desire and motivation to create swept over me and I put together this playlist. Not to mention the bud itself has a citrus-y aroma that is intoxicating in itself.

Reggae: Lambs Bread

In honor of one of Reggaes biggest faces, I choose s strain that was one of Mr. Marleys favorite and that is Lambs Bread. This strain was born and bread in Jamaica and being a sativa it will heighten your mood. While also bringing along with it deep peace and introspection. Which is the perfect combination when laying on a beach and listening to smoke reggae. It allows you to still be lively, yet relaxed and uplifted. And lets be real who doesn’t get automatically happy when listening to one of bobs songs.




Now go listen to some good music and enjoy some good weed.

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