Sunset Sherbet

SunsetSherbert.pngSunset Sherbet is a indica-leaning hybrid that will leave you laughing two seconds after the first hit. With its very potent effects you will be smiling very quickly. The unique mixture of complete relaxation of the body and a cerebral buzz is quite the combination. Not to mention the quite tasty flavor profile it provides combining sweet berries, fresh orange zest and some skunk undertones. Which would make sense with its’ parent strains being Blackberry Kush and Girl Scout Cookies.

Perfect for enjoying on a summer evening, giving you that end of the day relaxation yet a zing of mental stimulation allowing you to laugh throughout the evening. Personally, my roommates and I enjoyed this strain while watching Kevin Hart’s movie, The Wedding Ringer, and literally laughing to the point of tears the whole time. Another wonderful aspect about this strain, it is perfect to smoke with a group of friends, putting everyone in an uplifted, chatty mood.

Medically speaking, Sunset Sherbet can give temporary relief for those battling depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It can also help to clear blockages in emotional and/or creative energy with its cerebral yet easygoing nature. More physiologically, this has the ability to rid the body of minor aches and pains due to injury or chronic pains such as arthritis. And for those who have low appetites due to disease or treatments such as chemotherapy. Also for those who worry about a paranoid side effect from weed, sunset sherbets balance of relaxation and stimulation is sure to leave you anxiety-free.


all in all, go try yourself some sunset sherbet it is heavenly



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