Laughing Buddha

An earthy cross between Thai and Jamaican strains with a sweet, fruity smell

Laughing Buddha-2.png

that is broken up by hints of spice and provides a rich pungent smoke that will leave you all  feeling happy, upbeat, and will leave them giggling even when battling depression.

After a few puffs, most notice that their tensions and stresses have dissipated and given way to a giddy, euphoric mood. These friendly, positive vibes are perfect in social settings, where Laughing Buddha can facilitate interesting and free-flowing conversation. As the high wears on, an indica-inflected body high creeps in, leaving to a physical relaxation — but by no means glueing you to the couch. It actually encourages productivity and relaxation pretty equally, Laughing Buddha is a great mid day treat or in the evening.

Medically speaking, Laughing Buddha has some psychological applications. Its mood-altering effects can lead to temporary relief from the tedious symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It works by helping patients to spend their time more mindfully and deliberately. This strain’s sense of sustained focus can also help those with attention deficit disorders to concentrated their mental energy on a single task. Because it lacks the cerebral intensity of other sativas, Laughing Buddha is a good choice for those prone to panic and anxiety.

Get ready for the most productive, joyous, uplifted, focused, everything good day of your life!

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